Re: broken toilet flange
Posted by Willie Zbikowski on April 13, 2002 at 12:56:26:
In response to Re: broken toilet flange
: the lead may be able to be drilled out if the flange is set over a pipe. remove the flange and replace with a new one, caulk in the new using oakum and lead wool, tamping firmly but not hard enough to break the new flange. second choise is to use a closit bolt that has a wood screw on one end and 1/4 inch thread on the other. screw this into the floor where the old closit bolt was, not too deep now, and reset the toilet. third choise, there is a brass repair flange that can be screwed down over the existing flange, this has 1/4 inch threaded holes opposite one another for 1/4 in. threaded rod. screw in 4 in. lengths of the threaded rod, and screw this new flange to / over existing flange, reset toilet. enjoy! no more crappy mood Paul

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