Re: Loss of water pressure
Posted by Keith L. on January 06, 1999 at 10:31:34:
In response to Re: Loss of water pressure
HJ it sounds like Dan has a jet pump and possibly an older style pressure tank without a bladder. If this the case sometimes these tanks become water logged and need air. I have seen this happen. Usually when a pump becomes air locked they change sound. Dan if you have a jet pump, if you can see the pump that's probably what you have, look on top of the impeller section. You should see a big (3/4")square headed plug. Loosen this up and see if air bubbles out around the threads. If it does bleed some off and retry the pump. If it is waterlogged as I previously mentioned then you will have to find a way to add air to the pressure/holding tank.
One other thing that good be causing you to loose prime could be a bad or clogged foot valve, which is on the end of the suction pipe down in the well or spring.

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