Stuck Drainpipe
Posted by Kerre on January 04, 1999 at 17:05:47:
I am replacing a faucet in my 65 year old house. When I disconnected the trap from the outlet pipe, the threaded portion of the outlet pipe (drain pipe) fell off. Now I need to replace the drain pipe that is extending from my ceramic tiled wall. I am unable to remove it to replace it and cannot figure out whether it is simply corroded or if I am not trying to remove it correctly. There is something that looks like it is possibly a brass adapter of some sort that the drain pipe is extending from. The 'adapter' is hex shaped and has threads on the outside. I cannot turn the 'adapter' in either direction, nor can I manage to turn the drain pipe in either direction. The drainpipe is approximately 6" long, 4.5" of which extend from the wall. The distance to the back of the suppy line from the drain pipe is about 9". Is there some special way to remove the drain pipe? Thanks for the advice.

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