Re: leak at toilet flange
Posted by hj on January 04, 1999 at 14:58:51:
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See if you can find a #10 wax ring. It is thicker than normal but less the two. A horn ring may cause leakage rather than prevent it. If the rings are on or slightly above the floor, one ring shuld be adequate, unless the toilet is moving to disturb the original seal.Also if the flange is not fastened down, and can lift off the floor when the bolts are tightened, that will squeeze the wax ring out and destroy any chance of getting a proper seal.

: We have three toilets in our new addition, all of them on 1/4" tile floors that sit on 1/2" Durock
: for a 3/4" offset. On all of them two extension rings have been installed to raise the flange above
: finished floor level about 1/8". Two toilets do not leak, but one of them drips pretty good into the crawl
: space. Would putting a second wax ring or maybe a ring with a horn help my problem?
: Should the flange be at least 1/4"above finished floor?
: Thanks,
: Jim Atkinson

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