water heater relief valve
Posted by Jim Atkinson on January 04, 1999 at 12:28:32:
Last week the wife called to tell me the water heater was leaking all over the place. Turned out to be the
pressure relief valve had opened on ?. I had a standard t p valve on it, but this is not a tank type heater.
It is an on demand or instantaneous water heater. The old valve was rated at a maximum of 100,000 btuh,
but the new valve is rated at a maximum of 185,000 btuh. The heater is a big one, rated at 165,000 btuh.
Could this have been the problem (wrong valve) or should I continue to investigate. The heater and old
valve are only about 10 months old and seemed to have worked fine. Why would a maximum btu rating
affect this and not the temp or pressure.
Jim Atkinson

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