Posted by Rusty on January 04, 1999 at 09:09:38:
I'm seriously considering re-piping my 1story house (from galvanized to copper) but had some questions.
First, would it be smart and worthwhile to upgrade the pipe size to achieve higher volume? Right now,
I've got 1" from the meter to the house and then 3/4" thereon (reduces to 1/2" at the fixtures). I've gotten
several bids on the re-pipe but different opinions on upgrading the pipe size. Some plumbers have
recommended to match what I have currently, while others have said to run 1" all the way to the water
softener and then 3/4'' from thereon. Or can I go larger than 1"? And what about the pipe size for hard water locations (i.e. hose bibs,
kitchen sink, etc.)? Lastly, what about the pipe size from the meter to the house and from a durability
standpoint, should this be copper or PVC (either is acceptable by local code)?

Thanks for your help!

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