toilet floor flange
Posted by richard saltzburg on March 31, 1998 at 11:13:02:
Thanks for this opportunity to ask the following question. I'm replacing a toilet. When I removed the old one, only one side was firmly bolted down. After removal, I saw that the floor flange is off-set and that the 3 grooves for the bolts are positioned in such a way that the toilet could be bolted down properly if it faced a different way. Unfortunately the bathroom is too small to do this. The installer jerry-rigged the connection by using to plastic tabs(which stick out from within the flange) to hold one of the bolts. One of the tabs broke off, which is why there is nothing securing the one side. Furthermore, the waste hole is not directly below the toilet. My first attempt at installing a new toilet leaked. I bought a spacer to raise the flange because I had tiled the floor. I used liquid nails to glue the spacer to the flange thinking that I could use the 2 holes at each end of the spacer to secure the bolts. Unfortunately, after installing the new toilet and tightening the bolts, it evidently lifted the corners causing water to seep underneath. My new plan calls for buying a metal flange replacement. I plan on putting plumbers putty down on the floor flange and then then putting the metal plate on top and secuing it to the floor with screws. Then I plan on using 2 wax rings. Will this work?

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