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Posted by Ann on March 25, 2002 at 23:55:38:
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: : : Would appreciate opinions on flush performance and quality of the Porcher Veneto Toilet. We plan to install it in a powder room and would very much like to make sure that guests are not stuck flushing several times and/or with a soiled bowl. Is this toilet a good choice? How does it compare to say Toto Ultimate or UltraMax?
: : Having a problem flushing performance & need new tank kit , can not find them here in Canada ( Ontario ) Need price and exspected delivery date . This toilet is in a condominium highrise , 120 psi water . Please reply .
: : : Regards, Oleg

: We have one in our master bedroom, it just started having trouble. It takes a long time to re-fill the tank after a flush, hard to diagnose the problem and I need to find parts. That may be a problem, but when it works it works great. Very quiet, very powerful flush, low water consumption and it looks great.

I would not recommend this toilet. I have 2 of them and both have had gaskets wear out twice in less than a year!! The manufacturer knows about it and will replace the faulty part once, but this could be a disaster. The worst part is that they know about the problem, it is a high priced item, and they won't replace it with a known good model. I am extremely unhappy with this product and this manufacturer. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone and I hope the word spreads because they are selling defective products with no recourse.

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