Re: Electric Water Heater needs reset every day.
Posted by Terry Love on January 02, 1999 at 13:13:28:
In response to Re: Electric Water Heater needs reset every day.

I would replace the lower thermostat. It sounds like the bottom element is heating the tank to scalding, which causes the upper stat to do it's safety thing and shut down. Once the upper stat throws it's breaker, there will be NO ELECTRICITY at all. Terry

: You could have one or both elements burned out, or the thermostat(s) could be going bad. All these problems have the same symptoms, so it requires that they all be checked to see if you have 1,2, 3, or 4 problems. It is easier to check if the water in the tank is hot.

: : About 4 weeks ago i ran out of hot water. I took off the covers to check the temperature setting and wiring and found the reset button was tripped. I pushed the reset button and the water heater (electric) seemed to be okay for a few days. Then i noticed extremely scalding hot water coming out of the tap, almost boiling. Later that day the water was cold. I checked the reset button and it was tripped again. This time I turned the temperature down from 120 to 110 and i was okay for about 2 weeks. Now, the reset button is tripping every day. Each time after i reset it I get the scalding hot water then cold water then i have to reset it again. I need to know if something can be replaced or i just need a new tank. It is 9 years old.

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