Re: Toilet-Training Your Cat!
Posted by Julia Anderson on March 22, 2002 at 18:21:37:
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HELP HELP HELP!!! I started toilet training my cat. He is so smart .... but I screwed up. We are stuck on one of the steps. He goes on the toilet, but still in the mixing bowl. I can't get him to keep his back paws out. I tried moving them out, on the seat, but he gets mad and jumps off. I feel so bad, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW. I FEEL LIKE I FAILED. PLEASE E-MAIL ME IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGESTIONS!!!

: : This was probably a little more information we needed to know. The next trick would be to teach "Fluffy" to lock the door behind him, for privacy. As this is a Help forum, get back to us when Fluffy flushes himself down the toilet.Marty

: Marty,
: I've been trying to toilet-train my cats too. My wife found the article and is hoping that our cats can learn how to do it. I guess once they learn to do that, the next step is teaching them how to flush. Terry

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