Haunted tolits
Posted by Carol Travis on January 02, 1999 at 11:20:39:
We are tired of paying plumbers, and the problem is not resolved. Tolits are back to back. We have had three plumbers in, had the tank cleaned and the pipes carrying out waste sucked out, and also replace all the internal parts in the water tank. Main tolit--(on a sometimes basis), You can hear the water run for 5 seconds and water moves in the bowl and it stops. This goes on for about an hour and then it no longer comes on. It sounds as if the tank in the back of the tolit is trying to fill again- by itself. Both tolits -- we have to make sure the tolits fill the bowl with water and STOP, the times we don't watch, the water just keeps coming and overflows. All paper and stuff goes down just like it should but sometimes the water just doesn't shut off. Then of course I have flooded rooms. This house was empty for 8 months, when we bought it is May. We have had some really high bills trying to resolve the problem. My husband just wants to take out both tolits and replace them. Any suggestions.

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