Electric Water Heater needs reset every day.
Posted by Mason Storm on January 01, 1999 at 17:23:45:
About 4 weeks ago i ran out of hot water. I took off the covers to check the temperature setting and wiring and found the reset button was tripped. I pushed the reset button and the water heater (electric) seemed to be okay for a few days. Then i noticed extremely scalding hot water coming out of the tap, almost boiling. Later that day the water was cold. I checked the reset button and it was tripped again. This time I turned the temperature down from 120 to 110 and i was okay for about 2 weeks. Now, the reset button is tripping every day. Each time after i reset it I get the scalding hot water then cold water then i have to reset it again. I need to know if something can be replaced or i just need a new tank. It is 9 years old.

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