Bathroom tile installation
Posted by Keri on March 30, 1998 at 11:46:31:
Wondering if anyone could tell us what are the steps for installing ceramic tiles in the shower? What we're looking for is what the whole procedure (from start to finish) is. We had an addition put on last summer (8/97) and since the bathroom was completed, we've had to have the caulking replaced three times and the last time the contractor tried silicon caulk, which did last for three months but has begun to peel off again. Additionally, we have found certain areas of the grout that are cracked and am constantly having to keep cleaning all the rapidly forming mildew on the grout?
We don't have any of these problems in our other bathroom (which is 30 years old). Additionally, the new bathroom has better ventilation.
If anyone could help we would appreciate it. Knowing the steps involved might help us determine if perhaps a step or two was left out when our tiles were installed.

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