Re: pipes sound like freight train!
Posted by Kristina Sullins on January 01, 1999 at 17:06:45:
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: Kristina:---Do not pass not collect $200
: ..go directly to the toilet upstairs and change the ballcock and see if that doesn't solve the problem. If it doesn't call back, and we'll go to the next plateau...........Bud lots of luck.
Dear Bud
Sorry it took me so long to write back!
I told my husband your instructions and we finally got down to the harware store. We looked at ballcocks, and considered what rest of insides of toilet looked like. We decided on just replacing them all. It was under $10- to do this. We got the one peice unit that is also water saver. Guess what? No more freight train noises! This got my husbands self confidence going so he even replaced the bathroom faucet in the down stair bathroom and some other small stuff that I had been 'nagging' at him to do for months. Such an easy fix for a terriable sound and embarassing sound.
Thanks for your help!

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