Water Pressure
Posted by Wayne Bell on January 01, 1999 at 08:19:25:
Dear Terry,

My house is in the country on a drilled well in the wilds of Nova Scotia, Canada. The water pump is a 1/3 H.P. unit with a pressure tank. The pump cuts out at 40 psi and starts at 15. I have 2 water treatment systems for extremely high iron content. There is not enough water pressure to run the water treatment systems and I don't know if I should incur the expense of a plumber or should call the water treatment people. I know it's impossible for you to say, but who would you recommend that I call? I hate to pay for a plumber to come out to tell me it's a water treatment problem and vise versa. I do not believe that the pressure tank is flooded (I can't hear any water slosh when I move it), but the high rust content has frozen the drain valve.

I trust that you have enjoyed a good holiday with your family. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Kind regards,

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