Re: Low Water Pressure
Posted by Sean on December 31, 1998 at 10:06:53:
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: Sean,
: The 3/4" pipe would have been ideal. Something you could check is what the pressure differential is set at. You should have a gauge someplace near your pressure switch. Watch the gauge while you run water and seen when the pump kicks on. I don't know what an ideal range is but would guess somewhere around 15 psi. Look on the inside of the pressure switch cover it might be printed there, also, it should tell you which screw to turn to adjust the differential. Good Luck.


Initially the system was set to cut in at 15 and out at 40. I tinkered with the adjustment screws to bump the pressure cut-off to 50 and cut-in at 25. It made some improvement but only marginal. If I increase it more, could it adversely affect the setup of the furnace - ability to heat the increased flow of water. The furnance is designed to provide hot water at a rate of 5 gpm? Or should I take this matter up with the company that installed it?


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