Re: Moen single handle faucets.
Posted by hj on December 31, 1998 at 00:31:04:
In response to Re: Moen single handle faucets.
As far as the shower temperature is concerned, remove the handle and rotate the handle stem with a pair of pliers 180 degrees. (half way around), and replace the handle. You do not have to turn the water off or do anything with the actual cartridge.

: I am experiencing some strange things with my shower and 2 lavatories. All use Moen single handle mixing faucets. The problem is I sometimes get hot water when I should get cold on the lavatories and he shower will not maintain a set temperature. When the shower is turned in the hot direction it gradually gets colder to complete cold with some turning of the handle it will start getting hot again. Is the problem with shower cartridge? Do I need a new cartridge or can I repair the old one? I think it has to be one of the 3 cartridges as that is the only place the hot and cold can mix. Lastly, my shower is tiled and don't want to screw things up I heard of a special tool for removing the cartridges, about how much are they and where can i get one? Thanks in advance.

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