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Posted by hj on December 31, 1998 at 00:22:40:
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The lack of a vent will cause slow drainage if he drain system is getting pluged up, otherwise it will actually drain better without a vent,the problem occurs wen all the water has drained out,because it also sucks the water from the trap.
You are describing the type of problem which occurs when the pipe between the trap and the drain is too long or too small, especially if there is no overflow, and the column of air is trapped until it can be absorbed and carried away by the water flow, and then the drain can operate normally. Wash basins also can have this problem when the overflow pipe becomes clogged and the air cannot exit by that means.
: I understand that a lack of a vent in drain pipes can cause them to be slow however my sinks and toilet drain fine but the bathtub\shower drain first drains slow then usually between 5-10 into the shower it begins to drain fine. Would the lack of a vent also cause this?

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