Re: water heater
Posted by Mike Angelo on December 29, 1998 at 18:32:33:
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Just an idea...but I have found a similiar problem, but I (as you may be doing) had closed off the water supply
coming into the hot water heater. By opening the supply valve while the drain is opened did
force out the sediment (if it's not too much and you have good water pressure it may work for you too)... otherwise,
I would try poking a small wire into the drain valve (such as a brazing rod or coat hanger wire)
to see if you can break free the clog, or at least get some of it flowing....
...good luck. Mike

: My gas water heater is filled, exact amount unknown, with mineral deposits from our water system. There is too much sediment to allow me to drain from the bottom drain(when I open the drain, nothing comes out). Is there a method I can use to flush out the water heater?

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