Re: Water heater noise
Posted by Joe Bryant on March 06, 2002 at 23:09:09:
In response to Re: Water heater noise
: Mike: ---You didn't mention in your post weather your heater was gas fired or electric. The really noisy heaters are almost always gas fired.
: The noise is the result of a sediment of precipitated minerals at the bottom of the heater tank. This sediment acts as a insulation,and allows the water at the bottom of the tank to boil beneath this insulating layer of minerals. When the bubbles come in contact with the cooler water above the sediment layer, they implode with considerable noise and vibration. Best cure for this situation is to clean the bottom of the tank by the best means available.
: Noise from electric water heaters is generally much more subdued and only noticed during the wee small hours of the morning. The noise from electric water heaters is caused by the audible hum of 60 cycle A/C voltage that is amplified by the ocillations of the heating element. In most cases this noise can be eliminated substituting low watt density elements for the ones that were supplied with the heater. Lots of luck ...Bud


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