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A gauge screwed onto a hose faucet will tell you the pressure. Check it with everything closed and then while using faucets to see what is happening. A bypass and valves will only control the pressure at a single setting. If you use more water than when it is adjusted, the pressure will go down, and when the flow is reduced the pressure will rise.When everything is turned off and the flow is zero, the pressure will equalize with the city pressure, and if that is too high for a safe house system, you could be setting yourself up for a problem.
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: : Recently my pipes have started making a rapping or "machine gun" noise when I open a hot or cold valve. I was told by my neighbor that the city was just out and had replaced some water pipes / valves under the street.

: : I can only guess that the pressure has increased, (yes I have a pressure-regulating valve) and when I open a valve inside the house, the pressure-reducing valve is ratcheting between an open and closed state. A) Is that valve bad or can I simply adjust it down? B) Other than putting an analog gauge on the water line, is there a way to determined that a newly installed pressure-regulating valve is not set higher than (or too high for) the hot water relief valve? C) Instead of installing a new pressure regulating valve, what do you think about creating a by-pass off the street side and regulating manually, such as using a set of ball valves with gauges? Interested in hearing your thoughts! Mike

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