Re: Faucet Quality: Showroom vs. MegaStore
Posted by hj on December 29, 1998 at 08:42:33:
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You will get a denial from the Mega Stores on this, but the products customers buy at the Mega Stores have a much higher probability of being defective or have missing parts. I have had customers buy defective Kohler toilets, which were marked at the factory as being defective, even though Kohler insists that defective merchandise never leaves the factory. SO, you figure. I have also had faucets that have defects that a reasonable person would say it is impossible to have and yet they manage to get them. If a plumber furnishes and installs a faucet, he is responsible if it is bad. If you buy, or install, a Mega store unit, you have to take it out and return it. You would have to do the same from a supplier, but my opinion is that you would have less likelihood of it being necessary from a legitimate supplier. I could write a book about my experiences with customer supplied items from Home Depot, etc., and the time the customer's have paid me for waiting while they go back and exchange it. But I have also gotten some good baby sitting time doing it.

: Besides price, what are the differences between the same faucet purchased at the local Plumbing Supply Houses and the Mega-Stores.

: We are looking at Delta faucets for our new home, and have priced them at the Supply Houses and the Mega Stores. The Supply Houses are consistently 30-40% higher, yet the Mega Stores claim that their faucets are 'exactly' the same. Several plumbers that I have talked too cannot agree if they are the same or not!

: Please Help!

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