Re: Necessary to replace Kohler Rialto Power-Lite?
Posted by Joel Libove on March 05, 2002 at 03:05:25:
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I, too, was surprised when my Rialto "high pressure" toilet crapped out, and Kohler told me that they could not send me a service manual, had no way to fix the unit, and would only send us a certificate for $100 toward a new Kohler toilet _if_ I brought the old toilet down to Home Depot or other Kohler distributor. The gave me some bs about "the warranty is expired..", but I feel that while a customer should expect to have to pay for reasonable repairs to a toilet after the warranty, they should not expect to have to _replace_ the entire toilet (which cost me nearly $400 in 1995). This sounds like a good candidate for a possible class action suit.

: Mark: I am stuck with two Kohler power-assisted toilets that are now useless. The first one stopped flushing about a month ago and the second one is about to poop out as well.

: Plumber indicated that they have had similar complaints. Plumber ordered pressure assist cannister part, which is on back-order. I am getting tired of waiting for resolution, but fortunately have a good ole gravity toilet to fall back on. I emailed Kohler with questions and they just referred me to an "800 number" which puts you on hold for 20+ minutes.

: My toilets came with the house which was new in 1995. I live in an upscale development in South Florida. I suspect that a lot of people may be suffering from the same faulty system with a very limited useful life and no owner serviceable parts.

: If you know of more names of dissatisfied consumers then please send me their names because I am an attorney and may pursue this matter further.

: Thanks, Bill
: :
: : : Our Kohler Rialto Power-Lite (8 yrs old) has started
: : : leaking from its pressurized tank. I was told by Kohler
: : : that this could not be fixed and I would have to buy
: : : a new toilet. A plumber told me the same thing!
: : : Why can't this toilet be repaired?
: : : Kohler apparently stopped manufacturing pressurized tanks
: : : themselves and will only give us a $75 rebate if we physically
: : : take the Rialto toilet to the original place of purchase
: : : and purchase a new Kohler. This sounds ridiculous to me
: : : since they apparently knew that they had designed a toilet
: : : that was not meant to last and now I have to 1) hire
: : : a plummer to take out the faulty toilet 2)haul it down to
: : : Home Depot (who said that they don't want the toilet)
: : : 3) purchase a new toilet by a manufacturer know to make
: : : toilets that don't last long and 4) call the plumber
: : : back to install the new toilet!

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