Water Pressure
Posted by Mike Angelo on December 28, 1998 at 14:53:39:

Recently my pipes have started making a rapping or "machine gun" noise when I open a hot or cold valve. I was told by my neighbor that the city was just out and had replaced some water pipes / valves under the street.

I can only guess that the pressure has increased, (yes I have a pressure-regulating valve) and when I open a valve inside the house, the pressure-reducing valve is ratcheting between an open and closed state. A) Is that valve bad or can I simply adjust it down? B) Other than putting an analog gauge on the water line, is there a way to determined that a newly installed pressure-regulating valve is not set higher than (or too high for) the hot water relief valve? C) Instead of installing a new pressure regulating valve, what do you think about creating a by-pass off the street side and regulating manually, such as using a set of ball valves with gauges? Interested in hearing your thoughts! Mike

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