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Posted by dan on December 25, 1998 at 07:25:24:
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i would contact a plumber and have all work done that could be done so that when you begin finishing, your work is at a very minimum. if your basement is below the septic system or main drain line, have the pit, basin, and drain lines already in place. have "y" fittings installed in your overhead drain and vent lines directly above the pit. if your basement is at septic level, again make sure your your drain lines are in place where you want them. when our house was built seven years ago, i didn't pay that close of attention to what was done when our basement bathroom was roughed in. i'm now going full tilt finishing my basement and was very pleased to find that my contractor did all those things mentioned above. my basement is below the septic system and i don't need to do very much to make my bathroom functional. only thing that was not done in my basement was a drain line for a shower. i need to break up about three feet of concrete to put the line in, but if i would have paid closer attention to what was going on when the home was built, i wouldn't need to do this. good luck!

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