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Posted by Terry Love on December 24, 1998 at 18:38:52:
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Sink stoppers are like children. When misbehaving, it is good to give them a good whack! However, I find that although I now feel better, the sink stopper is now no better off. If you look below the sink, you will find a rod sticking out of the drain assembly. Unloosen the rod nut and remove the rod far enough to let the stopper drop into place and then re-thread the rod nut in place. All done, both you and the sink stopper should be feeling better at this point.

: I had to pull the pop up stopper from my bathroom sink to remove some trapped hair. Now I can't get the darned thing back in. I've rotated it 360 degrees trying to find a position in which it will work. No good. Also, I've tried wiggling it, gently forcing it into place, and (when frustration grew) giving it a good whack. Still, it will not snap or otherwise go back to where it was. All I want to do is to pull the lever and have the stopper drop down into place, push it and have the stopper come up so the sink can drain.

: Help! And thanks in advance.

: Pat

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