Pop up stopper
Posted by Patricia Malone on December 24, 1998 at 12:00:30:
From reading some of the other posts on this page this has to be one of the most trivial. Still, it needs attention and seems to be beyond my logical abilities to solve.

I had to pull the pop up stopper from my bathroom sink to remove some trapped hair. Now I can't get the darned thing back in. I've rotated it 360 degrees trying to find a position in which it will work. No good. Also, I've tried wiggling it, gently forcing it into place, and (when frustration grew) giving it a good whack. Still, it will not snap or otherwise go back to where it was. All I want to do is to pull the lever and have the stopper drop down into place, push it and have the stopper come up so the sink can drain.

Help! And thanks in advance.


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