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Posted by Len Sanders on February 13, 2002 at 18:31:14:
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: Most of the problems with it are after many years. Mobile homes are covered for 10 years after manufacture. Whether it has PB or not is easy to check. Open the water heater compartment and see if the pipes to it are gray. The same thing could apply to the larger water pipes under the kitchen sink, not necessarily the small ones to the faucet.

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: : We just put a bid on a mobile home that might have polybutaline plumbing. The agent seemed a bit concerned but said if there's no leaks in the first couple years, then there's nothing to worry about. Do you know anything about this stuff at all?

My experence with PolyB was using it in conjunction with copper and using PolyB under slab floors, the problem was after some time the PolyB began to leak. I had major repair claims, I then called in the experts, their findings were while soldering the copper we used flux (solder paste)which is an asid of sorts then without cleaning our hands handled the PolyB the flux ate through the pipes and caused leaks. Both are fine if used seperately if used together be careful.

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