ac/heating system and hot water heater
Posted by ELECTRA D. WOODS on February 13, 2002 at 10:06:05:
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Two days ago, I came home to a cold house and no hot running water. The first problem was the heating system. I tried several times to adjust the thermostate, but to no avail. So, we called a plumber who repaired it and charged $411 for parts and labor.

Second and separate problem is the hot water heater. We follow the instructions on how to restart the pilot. We tried several times, but each time we release the red button after a minute in continue to go out! The plumber also took a look at this and said we need to replace the replace both the red pilot knob and the red button next to it that had gone bad. The cost for this repair job is another $450+ job. I told the plumber we would get back to him while we look into purchasing perhaps a new hot water heater. Is it a chance the hot water heater can be repaired by a novice like myself or should I get a second opinion?

Please advise.

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