Re: Water turns rusty color.
Posted by Tania on February 11, 2002 at 22:33:11:
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: : : : Over the past couple of days I have noticed that my water is turning a lite rusty color. However, it is only with the hot water. The water alone continues to be hot, but it has this color to it. Could this be a problem with the pipes or the hot water tank itself, and how do i correct it.

: : : This sounds like a water heater going bad. How old is the tank? Do you have galvanized piping, or copper? Terry

: : I just recently purchased the house and the previous owner said it was about 3-4 years old, but not exactly sure, and I am using copper piping.

: Sounds like a water heater to me. You won't get rust from copper. The only other source would be the water heater.

I have been having the same problem we just bought a 100 yr old house. Our hot water tank is brand new. We were wondering what it was too!!

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