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Posted by hj on December 19, 1998 at 00:02:19:
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Vents can run however necessary as long as they slope upward. The unit should be able to be reduced to a 2" vent.

: I am installing a bathroom in the basement using a powerflush unit that has a 3 inch opening for a vent. There are not any existing vents to connect to. I am considering running a new vent line and going thru the roof of the house above a linen closet. In order to get to the linen closet I need to run the vent line 15 ft. horizontally , then put a 90 on and run it another 12 ft. horizontally and then put a 90 on and go vertical up thru the roof. The total lenght would consist of 7ft vert, then 27 ft horizontal then 16 ft vertical where it goes thru the roof. My question: Can I run this vent and have part of it horizontal ? and if so what size must it be? (There will be a toilet, sink, and bathtub in this bathroom) Thank You!

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