Re: Leaking Closet flange
Posted by hj on December 18, 1998 at 23:50:02:
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The flange leaning has nothing to do wih a leak. The seal if installed properly is designed to compensate for even greater misalignments. And you will have even more problems if you change to plastic because it will flex and create leaks you that you do not have now.And you cannot just change the flange, you also have to change the elbow. What you have is the best system, keep it.

: The closet flange in my b/room is leaking. I went to replace the seal only to find out that the flange is leaning about 1/4". And the seal does'nt make full contact. It's all cast iron, and I'd like to replace it with PVC. What's the trick to removing the old iron pipe, just around the closet elbow without doing too much damage?

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