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Posted by jc on February 03, 2002 at 00:08:06:
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I see this is an old message, but if you haven't got the problem fixed yet maybe this will help.

For the past two years I had the same problem you were having - very low hot water pressure in bathroom. Due to fearing what it would cost a plumber, and also fearing that due to my lack of knowledge I might mess things up, I allowed the problem to continue. Then two weeks ago, due to a water main break in the street, the village shut the water off. When they turned the pressure back on, I got the hammering from air in the lines, however I now had NO hot water at all in the facebowl or shower.

The village and others said my pipes were probably blocked. The Lord gave the courage to attempt to change the pipes (3/4" stainless steel) which I did. After two days of labor and being in the crawl space, I still had no hot water. My neighbor suggested that I check the lines at the shower and face bowl. And sure enough, the "riser" lines both to the face bowl and shower were blocked. (The 3/4" pipe feeds into these riser lines which are only 1/4") While I had the fittings off, I ran a coat hanger in the pipes as far as I could, then turned the water pressure on and out came the hot water.

My lesson learned was: next time start with the small, obvious things first, such the faucet and riser lines, then work my way back to the main line.

: : Could be small or big. Sometimes "crud" to use the technical term, can get in the valve stem area. Removal and cleaning of the stem may be a help. Sometimes, problems are more involved. It could be that pipe has closed down. It will take a bit of detective work to come up with a solution. Terry

: : : The hot water in my Bathtub trickles out very slowly. It literaly takes 45 Minutes to fill the Tub. The pressure in my sink ( hot and cold) was low and I canged the Screen Trap and now it's fine. The Tub however is just the Hot water. Do I have a serious Pipe problem? And is repairing something like this a Do-It-Yourself item? Or does a Plummer need to come in?
: : : I have a tiled shower, and seperate Hot/Cold taps. I ahve no problem breaking into the tile if need be - I just want my hot water back... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

: take the stem out of the faucet and try flushing it out.sometimes removing the seat in the faucet will allow a larger piece of foriegn mat to pass.Dale

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