Re: Lack of vent / slow drain solution
Posted by Terry Love on December 14, 1998 at 10:49:44:
In response to Re: Lack of vent / slow drain solution
I would snake the drain first. You may wind up removing hair from the drain.
Indicators that there is a non-working vent, would be hearing "gluck" "gluck" sounds when the water is leaving the tub. Not "cluck" "cluck" as in a chicken telling you it is hungry but rather, "gluck", the sound of water being pulled from the trap of the tub by suction. A vent breaks the siphon action and allows the water to flow easily down the pipe. Sort of like removing the thumb from the top of a soda straw. Unvented traps will also cause down line fixtures to reverse drain (sinks back up).
But, still, the first and maybe the only things you need to do, is give the drain a good snaking.

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