Re: toilet flushes only second time
Posted by phil on January 08, 2002 at 18:35:21:
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: I was having the same problem having completly rebuilt the toliet with a Fluidmaster overhaul hit which included a adjustable flapper. I also completed delimed the inside of the bottom portion of the toliet with " power flush" from home depot. Still I had to flush ( with no material in toliet) two or three times before a complete flush would occur. I contacted FluidMaster and they suggested two things, Raise the water control if possible to bring water level up ( I was 1/4 inch below line of water level marked on toliet) or turn flapper dial 180 degrees ( max 9 on rubber flapper to 180 degrees from factory setting). I turned flapper dial and it flushes fine now, the first time. Good luck! Phil
: : i just installed a fluidmaster "overhaul" package and the water is lower than normal in the tank and bowl. that's fine, but the first flush it just fills the bowl close to the previous level (before fluidmaster) but never flushes. if i press the lever to flush again all of the water goes out like is supposed to. repeated again several times and still fills back to low level, never flushes first time but puts more water in bowl and goes down the second time.
: : thanks for any help.
: : derek

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