Lack of vent / slow drain solution
Posted by Bryan on December 12, 1998 at 21:35:42:
My wife and I just bought a 107 yr old house. The bath
tub was replaced 14 yrs ago, and I just completed the
rough in for a whirlpool tub. The water drained slow before, due to the fact that it is lacking a vent (according to the seller). When I filled the new tub, to check for leaks, the water just sat there. Also, some water came out of the sink. The water stopped draining from the tub, and I went out on an errand. When I came back, the water had drained out. Does this sound like a slow drain or a vacuum problem. I am going to snake out the drain tomorrow to see if clogged. If it is, will post again

Thanks !


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