Re: Briggs Toilet Flapper
Posted by hj on December 11, 1998 at 00:50:55:
In response to Re: Briggs Toilet Flapper
You are not using both the ear holes and the overflow pipe hole on the flapper are you? that is usually the only reason for a regular flapper not to stay open.

: I have several of the Briggs 3.2 gal toilets with 1.6 gal flush capacity. I need to replace the flappers and have been unable to locate a source. The flappers have a plastic insert in the normal hole location with a smaller hole in it. This setup seems to shut the flush off early to control the 1.6 gallons. When a standard flapper is installed it does not stay open (no matter how you adjust the chain) unless you hold the flush handle. I live in the Cleveland Ohio area. If you know a source for the proper flush flapper please let me know. Thank you.