Re: leaking shower head
Posted by C Corne on March 27, 1998 at 15:41:01:
In response to Re: leaking shower head
Is your shower head leaking at the union where you screw the head on? Or is it leaking out of the end?
If it's the union, try removing the new shower head element, cleaning the threads that the shower head screws onto really well with some "lime away" or similar remover. You might consider adding a wrap a teflon tape to the threads and then put the shower head back on.
If the leak is from the shower head, it sounds as if you have leakage past your faucet that is allowing water to continue to drip out of your shower head. Good luck
: Our shower head keeps leaking. We have tried replacing the shower head element a few times to try
: to solve the problem, but in fact its getting worse. Where else should we look for the leak
: to get it to stop? Please help. Thank you.

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