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Posted by jerry on December 09, 1998 at 21:10:27:
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: Dear Terry,

: I have installed Luna faucet made by KWC. I like its very smooth operation. However, the water flow seems to be severly restricted compared to my old Moen faucet. Some people have told me there is a restricting component inside, and it could be removed to increase water flow. Please help me to identify this component and explain how it could be removed.

: Greatly appreciate your time and advice.

: Yuri
if you look at the faucet where the water comes out there usually is a piece that will screw off and inside will be a screen and a piece of round plastic with hole in it . thats called a water saver and can be removed to increase the water flow from the faucet. use pair of plies to loosen it but first put a cloth on the part so you dont scar the chrome when you grip it with pliers. make sure you replace the screen before you screw it back together

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