Well Pump
Posted by C Corne on March 27, 1998 at 15:32:42:

I'm trying to figure out a problem with the well system at my house. I have only been here two years, and I was told the previous owner hadn't used the well pump in the thirteen years that she was here. I'll describe the unit: An electric motor sits vertically atop a pump/tank like combination. The "tank" surrounds the pump and fills with water and it has an air fitting on it (no air pressure, though). There is an inlet pressure regulator and an outlet pressure gauge. I can cross connect a water supply to the pumps outlet and fill the "tank" this way. When I fire up the motor, I get a discharge reading of about 70 pounds that will quickly fade to 20 pounds and the pump starts to cavitate and then there's no pressure. How do I isolate this problem from either the well point, the suction line, or the pump itself? And should I pressurize the "tank" to some value?

Thank you

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