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Posted by r brenenstuhl on December 23, 2001 at 17:00:03:
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: : Hey.............
: : We just put a bid on a mobile home that might have polybutaline plumbing. The agent seemed a bit concerned but said if there's no leaks in the first couple years, then there's nothing to worry about. Do you know anything about this stuff at all?

: My first house (built 1983) had poly plumbing in the
: attic and it was a nightmare. We had four leaks over
: several years and the last one was complete seperation
: of the pipe from the fitting. My neighbors kitchen
: ceiling caved in at 3am due to leaking poly pipes.

: I was part of the early class action lawsuits against
: the manufacturers and my house had to be replumbed
: with copper tubing. I will not buy any house built
: with gray poly water lines. If you buy the mobil home, then
: expect to have a leak sooner or later. The pipe itself
: has been known to split as if someone cut it with
: a knife. Been there before.....!

: Good Luck!

am i to late for the class action law suit?

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