Replacing Tiled-in Sinks
Posted by Ken Brunton on December 08, 1998 at 16:44:07:
I want to replace several oval sinks on our house which have been tiled in. The sinks appear to be set on
a ply substrate with the tile set on a standard mud base on top of that. Quarter round is set to bridge the
vertical gap from the tile surface to the top of the sink. We like the existing tile and it matches the tub and
shower surrounds, so we want to preserve it if possible. My intention is to remove the quarter round and
the first ring of field tile with a vibrating (Fein) grout saw, then cut out the mud/grout arond the sink in order
to free it. The tile itself is a small irregular pattern, so I think I can remove individual tiles without undue
risk of breakage. After installing the new sink I would have to patch the chipped edge of the mud
(using grout?) and re-set the tile and new quarter round.
I am obviously a non-professional, and the idea is not to save time and/or money but to preserve
commonality and a look that we like
Has anyone tried anything similar? Any advice (including "Don't")?

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