Semlly Well Water
Posted by L Thurn on December 08, 1998 at 13:43:14:
About a year ago I bought a home with well water.
Only Recently I have begun to notice a sulfur smell
when the faucet is on. I came to your website to see
what other people may have said on this subject.
I noticed there was a posting that said "that the
smelly water is caused by sulfites in the well water
reacting with the anode in my sears craftsman electric
water heater, however, where is this anode located
(how do I remove it)?, Do I HAVE to replace it with a
aluminum rod, and if so where, and for how much may
I attain one?"

Thinking back, I realize I noticed the smell about a
or two after we had replaced our 30-year old natural
gas water heater. Could this also be what is happening
with my water? Would it take two weeks for the smell
become noticeable?

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