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Posted by TEX on December 08, 1998 at 07:36:04:
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Wes:--There a number of tubs (Spas) available on the market. They can range in price from a couple hundred dollars to the "skys the limit". They come with air and bubble makers to tickle your fancy. Multi-speed high horse power pumps with solid state controls that can duplicate the gentle caress of a Tropical lagoon or a breath taking White Water experience. There are all manner of accessories to be ..full spectrum sun lamps that are guaranteed to give you a world class tan without any bikini lines and make you the envy of your neighborhood. How about a micro-wave and refrigerator for snacks while enjoying your aquatic playground. It goes without saying, that a "wet Bar" is a must for when friends come over for a soak.
A chilled wine dispenser is available with some of the top end offerings.
It is essential that each spa be equipped with an accurate wrinkle guage (with large legible numbers for seniors or those with eye problems.)
One must be aware of the consequences of spending to much time in the spa..TERMINAL PUCKERING is a real danger. There was a reported instance of this in Seattle of a woman that had sucombed to this affliction (Hyper wrinklitis). An autopsy report revealed that when all the wrinkles were stretched out, this lady had enough skin to cover 2-1/2 tennis courts. A word to the wise..TEX

Does anyone know where to get such a tub?? Would like to have spa features, air/water etc.

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