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Posted by Donald Joseph on December 06, 2001 at 18:36:07:
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In referance to rust in the home pipes, What is the heath factor in involed here, or is there any?
Lately we had to have some plumming done and you could see the rust build up in the pipes that would remain in the house. Of course there was rust running for a short time after working on the pipes. Haven't I heard somewhere that rust is bad for people. Once the rust color clears up is there still rust in the water that can hurt you??
Reason for this Mail is we bought our home in 1998, It has the Galv.pipes. Since we have been here the wife has had some health problems, And now im begining to, and after seeing the inside of the pipes it's made me wonder. I know I can change the pipes with copper But want to know if it should be sooner than later if there is a health risk, Can any body help ??

D. J. Joseph

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