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Posted by TERRI LEWIS on December 06, 2001 at 16:27:25:
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My sister, in a freak accident, spilled hot cocoa on my 1 yr. old niece resulting in 2nd. degree burns over about 10% of her body. Our mother flew out on the "next thing smoking" the following morning to be there as support for my sister, her husband, and my niece in her recovery. Good news: my niece will be fine with whirlpool therapy (1 week), ointments, etc. (We've all been doing a lot of praying lately).

However, I have talked to my sister several times a day, since this recent accident. She is quickly slipping into a deep state of depression because she feels so responsible. She keeps re-playing the accident and crying at the mere sight of my niece, or even the thought of what has happened. Is there anyone out there who has emotionally survived a similar situation or has any information on how babies heal, healing time frames for 2nd. degree burns, support groups for parents/families, etc.? She is desparately concerned that my niece may be scarred for life. Her husband tries, but is not too supportive right now, .... which is one reason I'm so glad my mother is with her through these difficult times.

Somebody!!!!,..... Anybody!!!!,........If you can relate, what advice or solutions - emotional AND medical - can I offer my sister????

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