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Posted by Shelly on November 29, 2001 at 08:58:32:
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: : I have a moen faucet in my shower.I turn it on counterclockwise.I have plenty of cold water pressure but when I start to add the hot water the pressure decreases.When the water is finally warm enough to shower in there is not enough pressure to activate the shower.The house is hooked up to a well with a max. pressure of 50 p.s.i. and a low of about 30 p.s.i..I would appreciate any and all suggestions any one might have.Thanks.

: I would remove the cartridge to clean and inspect. It sounds like some sort of blockage on the hot side. Either debries in the cartridge, the valve body, or the pipe from the water heater. Terry

We are Americans living in England in an OLD farm house out in the country. We are renting the house and have great cold water pressure but not with the hot water. This is with both sinks in the house. The shower head is the kind that just hangs up on the wall and the main water comes from the faucet itself. You have to turn on the hot at full blast and only use a TINY bit of cold water to make it the temp. you want. The water that comes through the hose of the shower is not even great enough to come out of all the holes in the shower head.

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