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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on December 05, 1998 at 09:04:52:
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Wally:-- I'm with hj...I feel that copper has stood the test of time. With a little TLC, copper can deliver 100 years or more of good solid service.
As the old peddlers used to say.."Guaranteed not to crack ..chip..or peel....rust ..bust..collect dust...or run down at the heel."
In the past twenty years there have been several disaterous attempts by wannabe manufacturers to get into the area of traditional copper water piping. Polybutylene was the last great experiment with over a Billion dollars in claims to date. Plastic has a definite place in plumbing, but not in above ground applications that are subject to any sort of mechanical stress or sunlight deterioration. A 3 ounce Field Mouse can gnaw through a 3/4" Pex water line in less time than it takes to tell about it.
Copper when properly installed has mechanical self supporting and not subject to degradation from most external surroundings found in most homes and businesses.
If you opt for copper plumbing, insist that it be of type "L"...and install a corrosion inhibitor in the feed line coming into the house.
If a water softener is to be installed, install the anti-corrosion device after the water softener.
There are new high efficiency water softeners on the market that use Potasium Chloride for regeneration instead of common salt. This tye of softener is of significant benefit to your familys' health, especially if a family member has Hypertension (High Blood Pressure). Potasium is a vital and much needed addition to the diet whereas Sodium (as in Salt)needs to be reduced.
Lots of luck with your building project...Bud.
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I am having a home built, and the builder wants to use PEX. We live in Fresno, Ca where it gets very hot in the summer (100-115 degrees).

: Is this a wise choice or should we stick with copper.

: We are also putting in a water softening system, any advice on a good brand?

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