Hot Water Heater Overheating?
Posted by Dan Rudolph on December 05, 1998 at 01:40:35:
I have an 80 gal electric hot water heater that services only my master bath. About 3 days ago, we noticed that the water coming out of the faucet was suddenly VERY hot. Then this morning, no hot water. This evening I took one side off the wooden box that encloses the unit and hit the reset button just above the top thermostat. Walla, hot water. But ... according to my electrical tester, the bottom thermostat is always staying on.

My questions are:

1) Why are there 2 elements and 2 thermostats? It seems like the bottom element is only on when the top is off.

2) I think I will disconnect the bottom element as a temporary solution. Any problem with this?

3) Can I buy and install a new thermostat myself? Any advice?

4) The water heater is about 6 years old. I am pretty sure that this same thermostat was replaced about 4 years ago. Any ideas on why this problem would repeat?

Thanks for your help.

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