Qest pipes
Posted by Andy Bernstein on March 27, 1998 at 02:10:32:
We just completed a home inspection on a Somerset (Bellevue) home built in 1989. The inspector found all of the materials used in the house to be of extremely high quality except that he assumes the plumbing is flexible vinyl tubing. We found the only name on the valve under the sinks: Qest. We have found information regarding lawsuits against US Brass, the manufacturers of Qest. Is it necessarily the case that if the valve is Qest, the piping may not be? Also, what do you know about this material? Would you buy the home? The plumbing is not readily accessible- what costs could we predict if we wanted to replace either the system or the fittings? Also, the language of the lawsuit states that people may make a claim against Qest/US Brass if the installation was done either before 1978 or after July 1995. Since this house was built in 1989, is there a possibility that the materials were not the same between these years? If we could get an answer from you as quickly as possible, it would help us to determine our next step. Thanks- Andy and Debby Bernstein

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